Women's Month Spotlight: The Women of NLC

Every day is Women’s day at No Limit Creatives. For women’s month, we wanted to highlight these transformative women leading the way in their areas. These creatives are inspiring and incredible female role models from all walks of life that have shaped and inspired other members at NLC.

All the women of NLC, whether they are featured in this article or not, embody passion, art, ambition, and drive to always be better and do better, which is something that we are proud to have in our work family. 

Did you know that Around 50% of our creatives are outstanding women opening doors for others in the industry all over the world? Can someone say GIRL POWER?!

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back.” – Gladstone News.

We asked what inspires the women of NLC and what gets their creative juices flowing? What they had to say is something women all over the world can be inspired by. Their responses shine a light on the fact that women are powerful and can do it all. 

Carmella (Operations Manager)

¨ I would say I’m lucky to be surrounded by people who enjoy leaving their comfort zone. That is why I am always inspired to do my best in my job ever since I started in NLC. Also, instead of looking up to role models, I try to become one. In this managerial position, I learned that how you treat other people will greatly influence their perspective of the company.”

“When I started out as a designer, I never started a project without looking for inspiration outside the client’s brief, those are set to be your baseline, but design, has infinite possibilities, so it’s always nice to look at how others create, too. In my position now, it gets more challenging, because refining and creating processes for more than 250 people in a remote setting is not a simple task. So, I always collaborate with the team as much as possible and merge all ideas together. ¨

Carissa (Graphics QATL - Quality Assurance Team Leader)

¨ I get inspired by different kinds of art, the feeling or experience of seeing something new and unique will never get old. That’s also what gets my creative juices flowing, by looking at all the art and amazing designs my fellow teammates create at NLC. They are all extremely talented, and it hypes and motivates me to be more creative in my own work too. I also love stepping outside my comfort zone when trying to be creative, and I know that’s not always going to be easy, but I believe that to be creative you have to go through a lot of trials and errors and accepting that it’s completely normal. ¨

Gwenn (Video Educator)

¨As a creative professional, being in a position to help businesses and organizations get their message across to their audience inspires me to improve myself every day. Since there’s no single way of going about designing and tailoring creatives, I always feel motivated to keep on discovering new ways to create more effective content, efficiently.”

“Getting and keeping my creative juices flowing can be difficult sometimes. That’s why I feel extremely blessed to be in a time when the world is more connected and knowledge and resources are more accessible than ever before. This connectivity and accessibility allows me to learn from the many talented artists and creative professionals in the world as well as draw inspiration from the massive amount of visual content available online.¨

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Nathalia (Graphics Team Leader)

“I discovered my love for design a little late in life but once I did, I knew it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Something that really inspires me is seeing work from other great designers and thinking that’s where I want to be someday. Living in such a beautiful city like Madrid, really helps me with inspiration because you can find design in every corner, so just walking around the city is something that really helps my creativity. Whenever I get designer’s block, I try to look for inspiration from design accounts in any of my social media platforms. Talking to my NLC team also helps me get inspired. We usually start from scratch with one small idea and go from there.”

Patricia (Video Designer)

“I usually look for references in everything I consume, movies, series, games etc. all of this enriches my visual library. I also use template sites to search for new references and to analyze the work of other artists. This really helps my creativity.”

Vanessa (Director of Customer Service)

“Well… I get inspiration from different people from all walks of life. From Elon Musk to Warren Buffett’s successful investing and business stories. From people who are not afraid to leave their comfort zone and to venture into something new and unprecedented, from leaders and bosses who keep their heads in the clouds but their feet on the ground like most of my colleagues here at No Limit Creatives. And of course, my ultimate inspiration in life is my family who fuels my heart to keep going and remain strong when life gets hard.”

Jesica (Graphic Designer)

“In my free time, I am constantly looking at and being inspired by things that I am passionate about: illustration, motion graphics, typography, even cartoons. I always try to see how they are made, thinking that gives me a sense of how it’s composed. While I work, I listen to music (mainly Lofi music) to get my juices flowing. I believe that design is a social construction and that is why I always try to make designs that are a reflection of that.”

Nicole (Quality Assurance)

“I love to listen to music and read books, actually! Those two are my favorite ways of staying inspired and have my creative juices flowing. I’ve always believed in the beauty and power of learning new things every day. So what better way to learn and immerse myself than through those two, right? Music helps set the rhythm, while reading helps me discover new things and take me to places I’m not familiar with. I feel like I get to travel, but they’re all just in my head. It’s like one hell of a roller coaster of imagination.”


To Sum It All Up...

All the women of NLC mentioned above or not, are respected in their areas and have made significant contributions to our company.  We will always continue to strive to raise awareness every day so that more women feel welcome at NLC.

We are always looking to expand our team at No Limit Creatives. If you are interested in being a part of this powerful team of women, join our NLC team. 

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