Top 5 Tips for

Getting the Most Out of Your Design Subscription

1. Visual Examples

Great design is in the eye of the beholder. Any creative process is open to the struggles of subjectivity and what one person considers great design can be a considered way off track to another. 

Briefing out a full description of the design you want can be tedious and tiresome and even though we do offer a streamlined questionnaire to battle brief fatigue, there is one way to make briefing as simple and clear as possible. 

Sharing visual examples of the type of design you are requesting is an immediate game changer. Designers are visual people and seeing the type of design style that resonates with you allows them to head in the direction with your custom design. 

Of course, we love to come up with custom graphics and provide creative direction, but we can recognize that there is a core style we can always follow. 

With this we have put together an extensive Design Library that every client has access to and can easily select and share any designs with our team to use as inspiration or even mimic with your own custom branding.

This is not limited to our example library either. When considering ad designs, you can actually check out a competitor’s ad library on Facebook and share any concepts to be recreated by our team, for your brand. 

2. Use Screen Shares

Providing feedback on a design is crucial to refining the final content with your designer. It can be difficult to type out specific instructions in detail and sometimes near impossible to express a concept that is difficult to put into words. It’s creativity, not science! 

We recommend utilizing free screen recording tools like LOOM, to help get your ideas across to the designs in a more intuitive way. This will allow you to explain complex changes or to show specific parts of a design while you can speak about the changes you need. 

Our clients have seen a huge increase in designer comprehension and effectiveness on first drafts and revisions when providing feedback this way. 

This tool can also be used in the initial briefing process. If you have some details you would like to go over with the designer, send them a screen recording or voice recording. We do not have phone services at this time, so this is the next best way to share your ideas.

Please note, our team will still require a written brief containing the most important details but any screen recordings or voice recordings can be attached to help explain any details.

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3. Refine Your Design Team

One of the benefits we offer that stands out from other services is our use of design teams vs. single assigned designers. We recognize that there can be give and take with each format but the positives of a design team outweighed single designer plans in our experience. 

Having a full design team opens the door to more volume, more  skill-sets, multiple unique perspectives and more capabilities. Being stuck with one designer can mean you are limited to their “design perspective” and “vision,” potentially resulting in a relationship that does not yield the style you want. 

“What about overall consistency for branded designs and designer skills in general?”

We allow you to prefer and remove designers from your initially assigned design team. This allows you to refine your team down to the designers that work best for your needs. 

Of course, we hire designers that can execute to a set standard of quality, but skill-set aside, some designers will connect with your needs better than others.

On your client dashboard, you’ll find a section titled “Preferred/Non-preferred Designers.” In this section you can simply comment the names of the designers you would like your team leader to choose most often for your projects (and even prefer them for specific types of work or brands under your account) and list any names of designers you would like to remove from your account. 

We recommend giving each designer on your team a fair try before only preferring a single designer because this can affect your overall production volume. We also recommend preferring no less than 3-4 designers. 

4. Prioritizing Projects

Our service is truly unlimited in the way that you can place unlimited requests, request unlimited revisions, have unlimited users and use a single subscription for unlimited brands. Unfortunately, we are only human and can not deliver an unlimited amount of projects.

Just like any service in this industry we have what can be considered active projects or projects being worked on at any one time. Unlike most other services we allow 2 Active Projects on our base unlimited plans and up to 4 on our graphics + video plan. This is almost double the active projects as most other platforms provide at a similar price point. 

We always suggest placing as many requests as you can in order to build a design queue. This gives us a clear work list, so we always have something to work on, once we submit a project. This keeps the workflow consistent and allows you to yield the most volume from your subscription. 

We have a priority system in place to make sure you get your most important projects back first. You can simply set the priority of the most important projects as “High” when you create the brief or even change the priority of a project that is already in the queue. 

Every project that is placed is considered a priority, and we know your projects are important. We recommend using the “High” priority tag for projects that are truly high priority. If every project has the high priority tag then we will process them all in the order they were received and the tag will be ineffective. 

5. Sizes & Variations

Once an initial design is made, most of the hard work has been done. One way to get more volume out of your subscription is to get multiple variations and sizes made from one design. 

Production time on a variation can be half that of a complete redesign and in many cases the same design can be used for prospecting ads and retargeting ads, just by swapping out the text. 

By requesting simple text changes or even changing some images/videos used in a design, we can produce more variations in less time rather than waiting for unique designs that can serve the same purpose. 

You can request multiple variations in one single brief with the initial request. Just make sure the variations are clearly defined in the “Copy/Text” area of the questionnaire and the team leader will coordinate with the designer to schedule production. 

Just like variations, multiple sizes can be requested in the initial brief and will be placed into the production process. 

Anytime there is a request for multiple variations/sizes we will work on an initial design first. Once that initial design is approved, we then knock out additional variations and sizes with quicker scheduling than the process to create a new and unique design. 

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