Good, Honest Design Done by Good, Honest People.

We’re a company made entirely of humans. No automated, 64-bit processors calculating what looks cool. Sure, the future is awesome but there is nothing like a beating heart to put some love into your designs.
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Our Core Values


We believe in being straight forward, honest and transparent about our service and how we operate.


Providing customers with crystal clear and prompt communication is one of our main priorities.


You'll come into this relationship with peace of mind knowing you can trust our team to always remain reliable.

Our Mission

NLC is dedicated to offering the highest quality custom-made designs in the flat rate design niche no matter what it takes. We truly believe in quality service and not rushing projects to move on to the next. We believe in helping businesses grow through creative designs that speak to people long term, not just to make a quick buck and move on to the next customer.

Our team is here to cater to your every need in the graphic design and video space and will do anything we physically can to make sure our customer’s needs are taken care of. We won’t flash our success in your face, we don’t dress up as weird characters and dance around at events to try to reel you in, we will only be true and transparent and give you the best service we can.

Meet the Founder

Over the years, Jeff had his hand in many things including affiliate marketing, ad designs, website designs and eventually a wide variety of all sorts of digital and print work. He has been fortunate enough to work with some very large companies and celebrities including TRUECar, McAfee, Bulletproof, VitaCup, PlutoTV (Viacom), Foundr Magazine, and National Achievers Convention (Tony Robbins & Gary Vaynerchuk).

Jeff shifted his freelance career into building a team of talented and skilled graphic designers and motion graphics artists who could help companies all across the world with their creative needs. As of the start of 2020 Jeff employs over 200+ people on the team and is a true force to reckon with.