Graphic Designer


Design Test:

Disclaimer: This is an unpaid test project, and it is not work for any of our clients. We must test each applicant on their basic design skills before considering them for a position on our team. Feel free to watermark the final asset.

Below you will find several real world project briefs. This style of brief is what you would be working on, on a daily basis. 

We will be testing your design skills and ability to interpret a design brief and deliver a final asset. Each design brief contains unique instructions as well as all the assets you will need to create the final graphic design. 

This test project is part of your application and is required to be considered for a position on the design team. Please choose one of the Graphic Design projects below and submit your final creative at the end of your application. 

If you have any questions please visit our Careers FAQ.


Instagram Post


1080×1080 & 1080×1350

Design Description:

This will be a summer style design to promote our “tropical” flavors. Let’s put the 3 flavors front and center. Think, energy meets tropical island.
  1. Strawberry Colada
  2. Baja Lime

Let also throw some palm leaves in there as well too please.
1 variation in 2 sizes for each line of ad copy/text.

Brand Guide/Website:

Ad copy/Text for Design:

  1. Summer Starters
  2. Start Summer Off Right!




Beach Blue

Business Description/Target Audience:

Energy Drinkers, Party People


Application Details & Design Upload

I. Select the best answer below for each statement.
II. Which word or phrase for each statement is incorrect?
III. Select the best answer for each statement or question below.