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Too much text on your images can have a negative impact on the end result. Use our tool to see what percentage of text is being used in your creatives.

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Facebook Text Overlay Tool

The most accurate text checking tool for images of any size

We create 300,000+ designs each year and have years of experience designing high-converting ad creatives for social media. Here are a few tips to always keep in mind when making your own creatives:

Keep Mobile Users in Mind
Stay Away from the Edges
Create a Clear Call to Action
Speak Directly to Your Audience
When choosing a font size, be sure to remember that mobile devices demand larger text.
Make sure there is a safe amount of padding around your text to maximize readability.
Always remember to show or tell your target audience what action you want them to take.
Choose colors, fonts and imagery that resonates well with your target audience.

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We take care of all the headaches of sourcing talent so you can concentrate on growing your agency. All our designers are trained to support agencies by understanding the fundamentals of designing ads that convert.

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Since the iOS 14 update was released, testing new creatives is more important than ever. But, that can be challenging with limited team resources or a low budget. We provide agencies with constant creatives without breaking the bank.

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Why rely on just one freelance or in-house designer? We’ll give you a dedicated TEAM of designers to help produce more unique & creative ideas and cover a wider variety of graphic & video design subjects.

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We understand that every agency’s design requirements and needs are unique. That’s why we allow agencies to fine-tune their design team. Pick your favorite designers to ensure brand consistency and an efficient workflow.

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No matter the size of your agency, we can provide you with standard or custom plans to cater to your agency’s needs. Submit as many requests as you want and we’ll knock them out in batches to keep the queue moving.

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You can rest assured knowing that when you put your faith in us for creative services, we’ll always deliver. We focus on speed, efficiency, quality and volume and ensure that every design we produce for you is of the highest quality possible.

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All of our designers know the fundamentals of creating ads that convert and always keep conversion in mind.

Facebook's Ad Checker Is Gone, But We Can Help

The #1 Facebook Image Text Check Tool.

Tired of wondering if your image will reach its full audience? Tired of guessing where you need to move your text around to in order to pass Facebook’s standards? 

Our Facebook Overlay Tool will tell you exactly how much text your image contains so you know exactly what you need to do in order to pass.

Although Facebook doesn’t have a specific threshold any more, they still state that using less text will improve the overall reach to your target audience. We like to stay between 20% – 30% text when possible to maximize the reach for our customers.

Facebook’s overlay tool works great but, we noticed that at times it can be inaccurate. This is largely because it relies on AI which sometimes, can be tricked depending on your images. Our tool has a manual aspect to it which gives more accurate results on a more consistent basis. 

Yes! Since Facebook own’s Instagram, you can also use this tool to check your Instagram ads. It also works for images of any sizes so, even if you want to see how much text is used in your Snapchat, Pinterest, or TikTok images, you can!

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