Marketing Strategies for Beginners

Digital marketing is the new normal for any business. It’s an easy way to grow your E-Commerce company, but it can be hard to know where to start. This blog post will help you with digital marketing strategies that work – even if you’re a beginner! We’ll touch on digital advertising, graphic design in digital marketing, and give some tips for digital marketing beginners so you can get started right away with confidence!

Don't be Intimidated

If you’re a beginner in the digital marketing world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Especially if you have an E-Commerce business to run at the same time. You may feel like a digital marketing novice and it’s time to start learning. You need some digital marketing strategies that you can do with the resources on hand, but don’t have years of experience in digital marketing. Even beginners can get started quickly once they learn what works well in digital marketing.

Be Consistent

One of the biggest things to start with is consistency. Not just in how often you are posting and advertising, but also in your image. Your brand’s ads should look like they are coming from you. Try to keep a theme between the website and ads. This can be in font, colors, and imagery. If you are struggling with this there is nothing wrong with looking for inspiration in other businesses or even asking for the help of a professional designer that might have a better eye for that sort of thing.

While making sure your image is consistent you need to make sure your website is easy to use and navigate. If your visitors can’t find what they are looking for, or it is difficult to navigate through the site then you could lose them before they even buy anything.

You also want to keep consistency in the way you are advertising and posting. If you can be consistent with your posting you will also see more consistency in your engagement. This is a great way to keep customers interested, and it will eventually lead them back to your website.

Provide Valuable Content

Create valuable and original content. Whether that is in the form of blog posts or videos, it is important to create digital content that will establish trust with your audience. Not sure what content to create? Many will just ask their customers what kind of content they are looking for.

Once you better understand your customers, it will be easy to create something that resonates with them and keeps them engaged. A well-written blog or well-done video can drive sales for many years if used the right way.

Use Social Media Marketing

As we all know, social media is now a powerful part of any marketing plan. E-Commerce companies should embrace the social media marketing world and make it work for them! Not only is it a good way to communicate with your customers but a good way to communicate with your potential customers as well. Maintaining consistency with your social media pages is crucial for getting interactions.

You also need to be consistent in monitoring the results of your posts and ads on your social media pages. Though there are a lot of features for advanced digital marketers, most social media makes it easy to see and understand your results so you can best understand your next moves.

Email Marketing, too!

An old standby, the tried and true method of email marketing. You might be asking if email is still relevant. Email marketing has been around for a while because it can be very successful when done correctly. While there have been changes in the digital marketing industry, email is still a very viable option for businesses. With many email marketing platforms out there to choose from, you have plenty of options for delivering your message and tracking results!

Email marketing still follows a lot of simple rules. You want to provide valuable content in your emails. Whether it’s knowledge from your expertise like a link to a blog post, an exclusive coupon, or even something they can download for free. As you’d expect, short and sweet works well for emails. Use some emojis and get creative!

PPC What?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a marketing strategy most used on Google. This is an advertising platform where you can pay to have your business show up in ads on the Google search engine. Search Engine Optimization or SEO, helps with organic rankings but does not guarantee a spot on page one as PPC can.

With PPC, there are three basic components. You need the ad, the offer or value, and a landing page for them to go to. You need to make sure that your ad copy is catchy and specific. The offer should be unique and the landing page needs to have a clear call-to-action. A call-to-action can be something as simple as “buy now” or “shop our store.”

Familiarize Yourself with SEO

One of the biggest learning curves for digital marketing beginners is SEO or search engine optimization. This marketing strategy is one of the building blocks for digital marketing success and even though it takes time, it can be rewarding in the end if you keep at it!

SEO optimization is done by studying your competitors, carefully choosing keywords, and creating excellent content. Your SEO ranking can be impacted by your website speed, your keyword choices, and even your page layout.

Unleash the Power of Retargeting

One of the most important strategies is retargeting. Retargeting is where digital marketers can show ads to people who have already visited your website or social media pages. Retargeting is important because it’s typically the step that gets customers to purchase with you.

With retargeting you’ll want to do your best to look at any analytics you can to make informed decisions on who should be retargeted. You’ll want to retarget those that are very engaged in your content differently from the way you retarget those that are not as engaged.

Get Started!

With some of these basics in your toolbox, you’ll be able to make a positive impact on your marketing strategy. Not only will you be able to reach more potential customers but you’ll be able to make a greater impact on current customers and keep them highly engaged. Try one of these out and watch your success climb!