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Creative Assistant

Creative Assistant credits fill the gap between our NLC design services and full-blown, expensive marketing agencies. We provide professional ideation and creative direction with our tried and true unlimited design services. 

This allows you to spend less time coming up with creative ideas and writing briefs, while being able to trust you’ll have intentional designs created. 

Only one active Creative Assistant credit will be worked on at a time, per account. If you have several credits available, all credits can be submitted, but they will be processed one at a time.

Credits will allow up to 2 concepts. 1 Initial concept will be submitted. Upon disapproval of a concept, we will create a new concept until we have reached 2 total concepts. If no approval is met within the 2 initial concepts, an additional credit will be used for further concepts.

A single concept can be revised as many times as necessary to complete the concept. The revisions must be in the bounds of improving a single concept, not building towards a new concept.

One final concept that is approved will be moved to the design queue.

We will help you come up with creative ideas for any of your projects to the best of our ability, but will need some help on your part as well. You must have a very general idea of what you need created and your goals or objectives with the project so that our Creative Assistants can get on the same page.

From that point, our Creative Assistants will do some research and come up with a unique or creative idea or angle for your project.

Type of Concept:

  • Static Ad: Up to 3 unique lines of ad copy per concept
  • Carousel Ad: Up to 6 slides
  • Stories Ad: Up to 3 slides
  • Display Ad: Up to 3 unique lines of ad copy per concept
  • Video Ad: Up to 8 Scenes

The NLC+ subscription automatically applies 5 Creative Assistant credits, each month, to your account. 

You are able to use these credits for either graphic or video requests. 

On this subscription, the 5 Creative Assistant credits applied each month do not roll over into following months of service. The allotted Creative Assistant credits will reset to 5 upon each renewal of the plan. 

Additional Creative Assistant credits can be purchased and applied to the account through the design portal. 

If you have questions about adding more Creative Assistant credits, please reach out to your Account Manager.

The Creative Assistant service provided by No Limit Creatives cannot guarantee results in the form of sales, conversions, clicks, engagement, etc. The purpose of this service is to assist our customers in coming up with fresh new ideas they can use in designs or advertisements to keep testing new options for their product(s) or service(s).

Still Have Questions?

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