Case Study

Elevating the Tea Experience Through Artistic Design and Visual Mastery


Plum Deluxe Tea

Industry: E-commerce / Beverages
Media Type(s): Graphic
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“Our teas create a moment of calm and luxury in your busy day.”

The Challenge

Before employing our services, Plum Deluxe Tea, a manufacturer and seller of gourmet loose leaf teas, faced the challenge of limited resources hindering the completion of routine tasks such as Photoshop and photo editing. With a small marketing team, they struggled to allocate time efficiently, impeding their ability to focus on strategic endeavors and refine graphic and visual elements. This bottleneck inhibited their ability to fully explore and optimize their brand’s potential.

The Solution

To address these challenges, we implemented a solution centered around leveraging our design platform and integrating our designers seamlessly into their workflow. Through our simple-to-use platform, each member of their team learned how to effectively utilize our service for design projects, streamlining processes and freeing up valuable time. Our services were used for a wide range of tasks including photo editing, social media ad creative, and formatting of artwork and design files. With a dedicated design team that quickly translated client notes and reference materials into beautiful visuals, Plum Deluxe Tea has seen several new best-selling products

The Results


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in-house designers

The Outcome

The outcome of integrating NoLimit into our client’s workflow has been transformative. By entrusting NoLimit with the creation of designs for new products, our client has witnessed a surge in best-selling items, amplifying customer satisfaction and brand success. Moreover, the affordability of NoLimits services, coupled with their responsiveness to feedback and suggestions, has proven to be a significant asset. Outsourcing tasks to a reliable and cost-effective service provider not only addressed the resource limitations our client faced, but also empowered them to direct their energies towards fostering brand growth and innovation. NoLimits contribution has not only resolved immediate challenges but has also laid a foundation for sustained progress and achievement.

“Our designer Shannen has created designs for several new products that have been best sellers with our customers.

Andy Hayes
Plum Deluxe Tea

The Results

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