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Mpulse Communications

Through the redesign of several ad creatives, we helped The Pizza Steel
get over 10,000 video views for just $0.01 per view

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The Study

We've reached over 20,000 people and got 10,000 views in 3 weeks for the pizza steel with only $112.

Their Story

Pizza Steel Switzerland is the type of company you can’t help but root for. Just GOOD people with GOOD hearts and awesome intentions. They are a small “mom and pop” type of e-commerce business that feels passionate about the utility of their high-tech baking steel that transfers heat 20x faster than any baking stone on the market

Their Goal

Their goal was brand awareness for a brand new e-commerce baking steel company.

Their Challange

They needed to generate a lot of awareness, fast, in the tiny population of Switzerland. NLC came through for the win on a fast turnaround of the video so that we could get our campaign started off with a bang.

Mpulse Communications

Ammon Mckinlay

“Overall we’ve used NLC for over 20 different business, and we have NEVER been disappointed with our results. All of our clients absolutely love the graphics and videos NLC is able to churn out at a really fast turnaround rate. And just like Vanilla Ice… if we have a design problem, NLC can solve it!”


How We Helped

We created a 60-second explainer video for Pizza Steel Switzerland that generated over 10,000 video plays out of just over 20,000 impressions on Facebook and Instagram. 

They received a 50% video play rate with an ad spend of just $112. They received an astonishing $0.01 per video play. 

Our seamless design process allowed them to easily and efficiently request creatives for this campaign, while providing us with important details that helped with the creative direction and objectives.

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