Content Ideas Throughout the Buyer’s Journey

Content is the lifeblood of any business. The buyer’s journey has always been a popular concept in marketing and it still holds true today with buyers being more aware than ever before. Understanding this critical step can help you increase your success rate when selling products or services by getting them through all three stages: awareness, consideration, and purchase!

Now, what does this have to do with design? A lot actually. Professional design is a key part of creating content that is best suited for each stage of the buyer’s journey. As a business owner, working with a professional designer can help increase your chances of success through effective content.

In this blog post, we will discuss how you can create content ideas for different buyer stages and why these are best for those stages.

Stage 1: Awareness

The first stage of the buyer’s journey is Awareness. At this time, your buyer is often looking for a solution to a problem. They may not even be aware that your business offers a solution. This is where you want to produce content that is helpful and educational.

It’s important to remember at this stage, your buyer isn’t ready to buy from you yet. They are likely not ready to buy at all. They are just starting their research process.

This buyer stage is all about learning what options are out there. In this stage, you want to share content that functions as spreading awareness of your brand while staying relevant to your customers’ problems.

Awareness Content Ideas

Some content ideas for this stage are buyer’s guides, infographics, and blog posts.

Blog posts are good for this stage because they can go into detail about buyer problems and how your business serves as a solution. Infographics are good at this stage because they help people visualize information to better understand it and look professional.

Buyer’s guides are something not everyone is familiar with. A buyer’s guide is an article that helps a buyer determine which product or service is best for their needs. It functions as an overview of your business and what it has to offer.

Stage 2: Consideration

The second stage of the buyer’s journey is Consideration. This buyer stage is when the buyer starts to research solutions for their problems.

At this stage, your content should focus more on the solution, but not necessarily the product. This can be done by positioning your brand as an expert that has a solution for the buyer’s problem. You want to be the go-to source for information at this stage. This buyer stage is all about narrowing down options before choosing a solution

Starting in the buyer’s journey, a buyer is still learning about your industry. They are interested but not yet invested to make any decisions or commitments. These types of content ideas are best for these buyers because they will help them learn more about how your company operates and what you do without feeling pressured into doing anything right away.

Consideration Content Ideas

Look at content like videos, podcasts, or webinars at this stage. This will show you as an expert and often relate more to your buyer’s problem.

Webinars are good for this because buyers can attend without having to leave their homes and they get a chance to see and hear you live. Videos are good because they let buyers see what you look like and how you present yourself. This can help buyers feel more comfortable with your company.

Podcasts can be good because they are often informal and can be downloaded, which means buyers can listen to them on their own time.

Content that is direct about your product or service is good for the buyer’s next stage, decision making.

Stage 3: Decision Making

The final buyer’s journey stage is Decision Making. This buyer stage is when the buyer has decided on a solution. They will likely be ready to buy from you at this point, but not necessarily immediately. This is when you can use all sorts of marketing tactics and content.

For this buyer stage, you want to use content that is direct about your product or service. This can be in the form of an ebook, a case study, or even just a landing page. These all focus on what your buyer should do next- buy from you!

It’s important to remember that at this stage, your buyer is ready to buy. So you need content that is convincing and persuasive in nature, even if it’s still educational or helpful like buyer’s guides.

Decision Making Content Ideas

Case studies are awesome because they show how your product or service has helped another buyer. They are often very detailed and go over everything the buyer did to find a solution, what they looked for, and how your company was able to help them.

Ebooks are also great because they can be very long and go into a lot of detail about buyer problems and how you solved them. Landing pages are perfect for this stage because they are very direct in their approach. They tell the buyer exactly what is available and how to get it.

Depending on the product or service, a free trial or live demo could be a very valuable offer to get your buyer to seal the deal. At this point of the journey, marketers will likely have run these buyers through a lot of retargeting ads. These combined with a special offer are one of our favorite ways to close out the buyer’s journey.

Tailor Content to Your Business's Buyer's Journey

Graphic design plays a crucial role in all stages of your buyer’s journey. From logo designs to brochures, from advertisements to landing pages – every touchpoint should have an eye-catching visual element so your customers can remember who you are and what you do long after they leave your website or sales page.

If this sounds like something up your alley but it feels overwhelming with where to start we at NLC would love to help your business by creating stunning graphics and videos for your brand. Click here to view our pricing packages built for any business size.