Account Manager

Help our customers navigate to success with their NLC account.

Managing Success

Provide Professional Guidance and Help

We’re a company of remote designer in a digital world where company meetings happen on webcams and bragging about how cute your baby is take place on Slack channels.

Despite the inherent challenges, we’ve worked hard to create an enjoyable and inviting atmosphere for our team members.

We encourage small talk and relationship building as well as digital hangouts and collaboration, so everyone feels like part of the family.  

Job Duties


  1. Main point of contact for assigned accounts
  2. Communicating with team members
  3. Providing solutions to customer issues
  4. Ensure account success
  5. Onboarding new customers
  1. Strong administrative and organizational support
  2. Professional verbal and written communication
  3. Ability to multitask
  4. Excellent attention to detail
  5. Strong work ethics
  6. Team player
  7. Willingness to admit mistakes and develop skills.

Building A Dream Team

Who We're Looking For

Our unique service presents unique challenges. We service hundreds of individual clients on a daily basis and this creates a very fast-paced environment. Each day, team members will work together to deliver a seamless experience to our customers. 

Below are some of the key attributes we look for in all team members: 

  • Professional Customer Service experience.
  • Kind, Positive and Productive Personality. 
  • Effective and efficient workflow.
  • Organized and self-managed.
  • Provide accuracy and quality in every operation.
  • Work well with a team. 
  • Handle constructive criticism and have a growth mindset. 

The Daily Grind

Account Manager Workflow

You will be responsible for communincating quickly and clearly with NLC customers to help them with any account related questions, solve issues realted to design and work with your teams leader and designers to provide a seamless experience. 

  • Support your team members
  • Support and manage client accounts
  • Provide world-class customer service 

Work Times

8 AM to 4 PM

Monday to Friday

Eastern Standard Time U.S.A

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