10 New Packaging Design Trends in 2022

New products, ideas, and trends are on the horizon! Over the last couple of years, due to the pandemic, the need for exciting and fresh packaging design became more important than ever. With more people staying home and shopping online, packaging design became a way for brands to give their customers an experience and build brand loyalty, without the customer ever having to step foot in a store.

Why is packaging so important?

Let’s be honest, if you had to choose between two similar products, would the way those products look to influence your decision? The truth is, we care a lot about first impressions and that holds true when it comes to purchasing.

In fact, recent research shows that 40% of consumers will share an image of packaging on social media if it’s unique, and 72% of American consumers say their purchasing decision is influenced by packaging design. Additional studies found that 81% of consumers tried something new because the packaging caught their eye, and 63% of consumers purchased a product again because of the packaging’s appearance.

So it should come as no surprise that to some, packaging design is just as important as the brand itself. That’s why when it comes to branding and brand recognition, nailing your packaging design is key! Not only does the design of your packaging tell your brand’s story it can be the reason you stand out amongst your competitors.

It’s important to keep in mind that packing design isn’t just about aesthetics either, it’s absolutely fundamental that it protects what’s inside, allows for easy storage, displays information about the product, and catches the attention of customers when displayed on a shelf or website.

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Looking Back at 2021

In 2021 packaging design was all about sustainability, using recycled and biodegradable  materials, neutral and early tones, bold and modern illustrations, minimalism, textured packaging, creative storytelling, and vintage packaging. Another big packaging design trend in 2021 was transparent window packaging.

Looking Ahead

So, what does 2022 have in store for the world of packaging design? Let’s take a look at the top 10 packaging design trends of the new year.

Sustainable packaging design

Big in 2021 and will continue to be big throughout 2022 is sustainable, eco-friendly packaging. More and more consumers are becoming conscious of our planet’s state, and are beginning to appreciate and expect a brand that is willing to make a positive impact on our planet. Sustainable packaging is all about using recycled materials, biodegradable materials, earthy and neutral shades, and tones.

Minimalistic color based packaging design

While minimalism is hardly a “trend” it will remain popular in packaging design throughout 2022. The “less is more” mantra has proven to be easy for brands to use and effective in attracting people without compromising on aesthetic appeal. This year minimalism in packaging will look like one solid, all-over color with minimal text, heavy focus on minimalistic logos, using fewer materials, muted colors, and aerospace-inspired packaging.

Minimal outside, maximal inside packaging design

Imagine opening up your minimalistic packaging to reveal a maximalist and beautifully crafted interior. This new design trend is all about the surprise and delight element while keeping with an all-over minimalist aesthetic. Simplistic and minimal logos, text, and color are carried throughout the outside of the package, to reveal bright colors and maximalist illustrations on the inside of the package.

Vintage packaging design

Vintage packaging design is expected to be huge in 2022. In a time when everyone is craving that pre-pandemic life, vintage design styles are the perfect way to evoke a sense of comfort and nostalgia in your customers. This year, the 1960s particularly will have a moment in packaging design. Think peace, love, and happiness, bright colors, and groovy designs.

Pop art packaging design

Keeping in line with the vintage packaging design is another design trend rooted in nostalgia, pop art. Pop Art design style’s hallmark elements are bold colors like blue, red, and yellow, large typography, and striking illustrations. It’s loud, it’s in your face, and it’s sure to draw attention!

While any age group is sure to appreciate pop art design, it’s most appealing to the younger crowd and this type of packaging design works best for fast-moving consumer goods and products aimed at younger generations.

Unique shapes in packaging design

2022 is the year to start thinking outside the box, literally. The design of off-beat packaging is picking up steam and is expected to become a big trend in the new year. Eye-catching, uniquely shaped packages are a fun way to mix things up.

Eccentric text-centric packaging design

Goodbye illustration and images and hello text! From conveying emotion to demonstrating a brand’s personality, clever and unique typography can serve many purposes, and in one of the biggest packaging trends for 2022, we’re seeing it used in more ways than ever before.

If you’re looking to break the mold this year and lean into this new “anti-design” trend, start by replacing any images on your packaging with words. Forgoing photography and illustrations, the eccentric text-centric design instead balances white and negative space with fun and exciting typefaces and allows you to utilize even more playful colors. Don’t forget to keep the colors on brand!

Y2K aesthetic packaging design

Thought 2022 was going to look less like the ’90s? Think again! This Y2K aesthetic continues to reign supreme thanks to our gen z friends. Think loud, gaudy, a little tacky, and youthful. Metallic- frosty hues, shiny and glossy materials. While this trend will be huge this year, it’s not for everyone. Products aimed toward the younger generation will have more success incorporating this playful trend.

Fine art packaging design

Blurring the boundaries between art and packaging, this new trend is mostly based on abstract paintings and flowing painting methods. The aim here is to create the illusion of surface variation and depth, emulating textures you would find on a newly painted canvas. This trend is perfect for higher luxury items but could be incorporated into almost any industry.

Bold But Muted Color packaging designs

This trend was picking up steam in 2021 and it plowed through into the new year. From Burger King to Planters, many companies have traded their bright colors for softer tones. Think calm and comforting tones while still being eye-catching and recognizable. Calming and easy on the eyes, muted palettes require us to dial down the saturation, in favor of subtler, softer hues. This can include everything from pale pinks and purple pastels to mossy greens and burnt oranges.

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Level Up Your Packaging!

While we can’t predict the future, it seems safe to say that exciting new products and trends are on the horizon. As always, NLC is here to help you stay ahead of the curve with our award-winning packaging design services. If you need help creating a package that will stand out from the competition and generate excitement for your brand, don’t hesitate to reach out. We would be happy to chat with you about your upcoming project!