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Design Test:

Disclaimer: This is a test project, and it is not work for any of our clients. We must test each applicant on their basic design skills before considering them for a position on our team. Feel free to watermark the final asset.

Below you will find several real world project briefs. This style of brief is what you would be working on, on a daily basis. 

We will be testing your design skills and ability to interpret a design brief and deliver a final asset. Each design brief contains unique instructions as well as all the assets you will need to create the final graphic design. 

This test project is part of your application and is required to be considered for a position on the design team. Please choose one of the UI Design projects below and submit your final creative at the end of your application. 

If you have any questions please visit our Careers FAQ.

Project Description

I need this funnel redesigned to match the branding for smartnurture.com and I think the design can be a lot better. Make sure to check the wireframe that has the copy listed.

Logo Download



  1. Logo left

  2. Button right: Call now to get cash for your house! (888) – 888 – 8888

Section 1: Above the fold


Headline: Get a Cash Offer on Your House Today

Subheadline: Regardless of the condition of your house, (name of company) will:

  1. Give you an offer

  2. Handle all the paperwork

  3. Send you money right away

Button: Interested? Call Now! 

(888) 888 – 88888

(graphic of arrow pointing to form)


Subheadline: Just fill out this form…


  1. Name

  2. Phone

  3. Email

  4. Address

Section 2:


Headline: Why Do People in (City/State) Sell with (Company Name)?


Photo left of smiling person selling their home

Button: Get Your Cash Offer

(888) – 888 – 8888


Subheadline: The (Company Name) Advantage:

  1. No Fees

  2. Guaranteed Offer

  3. No showings

  4. We Care About You

Section 3: Testimonial


Picture of person


Quote: “I got cash for my house in less than 48 hours!”

Section 4: Footer

© Copyright 2021 Company Name – All Rights Reserved

Application Details & Design Upload

I. Select the best answer below for each statement.
II. Which word or phrase for each statement is incorrect?
III. Select the best answer for each statement or question below.