Quality Assurance


Quality Review Test:

Below you will see 3 creative assets. Each of the assets contains multiple errors that need made apparent to the designer that made them. 

It is your task to find these errors in each asset and list them in the corresponding text areas below. 

A good list of points to review and share with the designer will be organized to be clear and concise. See the review example. 

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Review Example:

Graphic Review: 

  • “Werd” should be spelled “Word”
  • Remove the “.” from together and.”
  • Let’s darken the background to make the text pop
  • Logo is blurry, can we get a higher quality version?

Graphic Review 1:

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Graphic Review 2:

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Video Review:

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Application Details & Design Upload

I. Select the best answer below for each statement.
II. Which word or phrase for each statement is incorrect?
III. Select the best answer for each statement or question below.