Designated Designer Plans for Any Business

Get daily design work from your very own designated designer. You’ll work with the same designer every day with a workflow similar to our renowned unlimited platform.

In-House Designer Feel. No Headaches.

We’ll assign a highly skilled, high quality designer to your account and remove all the headaches of trying to screen and interview designers who ultimately don’t work out. Say goodbye to the high cost of hiring in-house employees and get 1-on-1 direct communication and interaction with your new dedicated designer.
Submit a Brief
Chat Your Designer
Give Your Feedback
Download Your Design
Fill out a simple brief so your designer knows exactly what you are looking for.
Discuss your design with your designer and chat about specific needs.
Get quick updates and leave feedback. Your designer is on call ready to make changes.
Login and download your final design and let the world see your masterpiece.

Benefits of a Designated Designer Plan

Major Savings

Save over $30,000/yr when hiring a designated remote designer versus an in-house designer.

Gain a Team Member

Work with the same designer every single day who will learn your brand and your vision.

Real-Time Communication

Access a private Slack channel for real-time communication with your designer to communicate any questions, concerns or feedback.

Daily Updates

Get daily updates on your work and in some cases, same day turnaround. Although this covers 1 active project at a time, each project can have up to 6 design variations for a truly amazing value.

Get Started

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Designated Graphic Designer

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Designated Video Designer