Creative Assistant


Creative Brief Test:

Below is an example of a brief you would create as a Creative Assistant.

Clients will provide specific details (See Test Briefs) and the Creative Assistants objective is to provide a creative concept including the text/copy that will be used in the design and the creative direction for the design. 

Use the Graphic Brief Test and Video Brief Test to create a 1 Graphic Ad Concept and 1 Video Ad Concept based on the details in the brief. 

Follow the Layout from the Brief Layout Example. 

Brief Layout Example:

Image 1 Text/Copy:
Check Out This New Energy Drink!

Image 1 Creative Description:
Showcase the item in the middle of the design with illustrated versions of the apple, raspberry and banana ingredients. 

Use the brand blue color for the background and pink for the text. 


Graphic Brief Test:

  • Type: Static

  • Platform: Facebook

  • Product or Service: Immuneti Gummies

  • Campaign Objective: Brand awareness

  • Special Offer: 20% OFF on your next purchase!

  • Target Audience: Health-conscious people

  • Landing Page: View Website

Video Brief Test:

  • Type: Video Story Ad

  • Platform: Instagram

  • Product or Service: Goli

  • Campaign Objective: Conversion / Sales

  • Special Offer: Buy 1 Take 1

  • Target Audience: Health-conscious people

  • Landing Page: Visit Page

  • Competitors: Visit Page

Application Details & Design Upload

I. Select the best answer below for each statement.
II. Which word or phrase for each statement is incorrect?
III. Select the best answer for each statement or question below.