Love writing ad copy? We offer basic copywriting services to our clients, so they can take full advantage of our design service. 

Examples of What You'll Create

Our copywriting service covers the basics for most social media platforms. You will be writing copy for the post and providing the copy for the designs that are made by our team. We love creativity and want you to feel free to offer any design direction to match your copy writing. This service covers static ads and short video ads. 

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Work Times

8 AM to 4 PM

Eastern Standard Time U.S.A – New York

Monday to Friday

Business Days – Weekends Off


All new hires are on a probationary period and are subject to review by leadership in which leadership can decide to extend the probationary period until confidence is established.

Pay Rates:

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Test Project:

Provided is an example of a customer brief. We’ve purposely provided minimal details as this would be similar to a real world situation. 

The test project here is to create the ad copy for this client based off of the information they have provided. 

The final assets should be copy for the main caption of the Facebook ad, usually around 140 characters. 2 lines of copy to be used in the static ad designs, this must be short enough to pass Facebook ad guidelines and a simple script for 1 10-second video ad, this would be about 2-4 lines of copy, no more than 60 characters each. 

It is important that you have a strong understanding of Facebook, Instagram and most other platform ad policies so that the ad copy we provide is in compliance and passes all standards upon delivery to client. 

Please submit your answers below. 

1. What type of ad do you need created?

2 Facebook Static Ads (1200x628) and 1 10-second video (1x1)

2. What service or product are you promoting?

3. Who is your target audience for this ad?

Middle-aged women, moms and business women.

4. Do we need to follow any branding guidelines?

5. Are there any special offers we should include?

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Submit Your Test Project: